Anonymous: Do you know a place to find good fanart of Mycroft where he /isn't/ chubby? I don't really like him not being skinny if it's the BBC version, considering Mark Gatiss himself described himself (and I assume Mycroft) as "whippet thin".

Kadabbs, MystradeDoodles,SashKash and QueenStardust are responsible for some of my favourite Mycroft depictions. And they’re all very different.

You’ve probably already seen this one of Sashkash’s - so much of her stuff is so wonderfully self-referential and her Mycroft looks just like Mark Gatiss.. She makes cake and umbrella jokes acceptable, and I can hear her version of Mummy talking to her boys in my head!

Kadabbs’s Mycroft is a BAMF, Doodles’s is a sweetheart and QueenStardust’s is very stylised. All are skinny, beautiful, Holmesian creatures.

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