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Yes, I have answered this one before - but I don’t blame you for not being able to find it, it took me a while to track it down. I need to tag things better.

To summarise that post, I do imagine that is where the boys grew up. There is a long-standing Holmesian belief that the Holmes brothers are the children of privilege, so it seems likely that they would have a country manor, like the house we see Mycroft in over the course of Scandal.

Mark Gatiss refers to the house, on the commentary to Scandal, thusly:

“I think perhaps that’s the Holmes ancestral home. Maybe that’s where we were brought up.”

In the stories, Mycroft lives on Pall Mall, near his offices and the Diogenes Club, but this house - with its gardens, wooden panelling and stained glass - could not be located there. While some have postulated that it may be out in areas of London like Richmond, where there are large houses and gardens, it still looks too old-fashioned for the area - it has the look and air of a country manor rather than a town house.

Mycroft would have to live in London for work purposes - so, perhaps, next series we may see his Pall Mall lodgings - but it is easy to imagine him retaining the ancestral home, for traditions sake.

Yet, on Christmas Eve, we see Mycroft revisiting the house where he and Sherlock shared a childhood. This, to me, is the strongest indicator that this is where the brothers grew up. Alone, at Christmas, he goes back home to revisit his memories. People do: sentiment.

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