Mycroft and Anthea (Andrea?) in Slovakia. Honeymoon or undercover? =)

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Anonymous: Slightly random ask, but is Anthea really smart? Plus isnt she Mycroft's assistant? I imagine to be working for Mycroft Holmes you'd have to be a genius.

We have nothing concrete to go on in regards to Anthea’s intelligence, but I agree with you that, to work for Mycroft, she must be highly intelligent.

She has been working directly for Mycroft for at least four years, likely much longer, assuming that the series basically happens in real time. She may or may not be his PA, but is evidentially closer to him than any other employee. It is her he dispatches in his car to collect John Watson, and who accompanies him to the crime scene in Study in Pink, and she is in his private office in the Diogenes in The Empty Hearse, not remotely surprised - indeed, rather pleased - to see Sherlock back from the dead.


But is she more than a secretary? One of her few lines of dialogue in Hearse hints at a role above filing, making coffee, escorting army doctors and dressing her boss’ younger brother:

One of our men died getting this information. All the chatter, all the traffic, concurs there’s going to be a terror strike on London – a big one.

These are not the words of a woman who makes the tea. These are the words of an intelligence operative privy to some confidential and delicate information. Her fingers never left her Blackberry in Pink because she’s busy woman with a great deal of work to do.


Her role in Pink is very interesting. Mycroft has had his brother’s new friend picked up and brought to an abandoned warehouse so he might intimidate, attempt to bribe and threaten him. This is clearly outside the order of normal government business. That Mycroft has involved Anthea suggests that he trusts her with his personal business.

On top of it all, I love how amused she is by the brothers in Hearse and by John in Pink. With John she is so above it all that she can afford to be glib, but with the brothers I suspect there is some fondness there. She steals side-glances at Mycroft when Sherlock is being difficult, and smiles when Sherlock sweeps out of the office in his most dramatic fashion. This is a woman who has been on the periphery of the Holmes brothers’ world for some time now.


For Mycroft to keep the same employee around for a number of years, to trust them not only with state secrets but also with secrets regarding his only ‘pressure point’, his brother, indicates, to me, that this person must necessarily be highly intelligent. She may not be able to keep up with Mycroft - even Sherlock can’t do that - but she is likely a genius in her own right too.

The Art of Scheduling [LJ] [AO3]

How to Love a Goldfish [LJ] [AO3]

When the Wolf Comes [LJ] [AO3]

so this is a lovely little three part Mycroft/Anthea series that everyone should read, i’m just seeing all these incredible theories re: his last vow, and “when the wolf comes” is my thoughts on the matter, presenting a plausible solution to some of the discrepancies and whatnot!

ok that’s all *slinks back into the shadows* —antheaaaaaaa

Love me a spot of Mythea! Thank you!

Anonymous: No comment on superspy Anthea yet?

Oh my goodness, you wonderful Anon, you. I had very nearly forgotten the marvellous Anthea in all the excitement.

Besides being wonderful to see her again, her apperance cements her position as Mycroft’s Girl Friday. That she’s in his secret office in the Diogenes Club alone shows that she’s a trusted employee, but that she’s there when Sherlock has only just returned from hiding, and evidently knew the truth about the younger Holmes’ supposed death, shows that she’s at Mycroft’s right hand.

Even thought her role in the office was mostly to dress Sherlock, providing his suit and coat - and I have since been imagining her providing the same service for Mycroft, straightening his tie and draping his jacket over his shoulders - there is evidence that she holds a senior, powerful role herself. There’s something about that line "One of our men died getting this information." That posessive “our” speaks volumes about Anthea’s position. It puts her on, if not quite an equal footing with Mycroft, then certainly somewhere near his level.

As she is probably the closest person to Mycroft, aside from his brother, I sincerley hope we see her again this series. She is certainly a potential goldfish!


How was the New Year’s party over at Treasury?

Shut up, sir.

Somewhat of a follow up to this.

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Even if Christmas had stopped being about religion ages ago it still seemed to remain sacred. At least no one bothered plotting political intrigues over the Christmas holiday and spent the time with their families, politely ignoring their political rivals.

New Year’s Eve on the other hand…

The Prime Minister held a small New Year’s party at Number 10, very exclusive and no one had even made an attempt to make it look like he didn’t play favourites – Mr Holmes had muttered about the lack of tact since he had first heard about it three weeks ago. Then there was the constant fear that Prince Harry would show up in the tabloids on January 1 in anything between his Birth suit and a Nazi uniform. Not to mention the not-so-scandalous but oh-so-tedious number of ministers and cabinet members who could would break their wedding vows with some junior staffer.

She didn’t mind working on New Year’s Eve, being sent to posh parties to babysit grown-ups who couldn’t handle both political responsibility and alcohol at least took the edge of the pressure of “having something to do on New Year’s Eve.” And with her social life, what else would she do really? All her acquaintances, somewhat friends and random flirts were all at these parties.

This year’s dinner was with some people form Department of Transport. It wasn’t her favourite crowd, but she came in second place in the Pop Music of the Year-Quiz (earning herself an extra glass of champagne) and afterwards they met up with some senior staff members from Treasury who really were her crowd. Even when they didn’t talk about work. Actually, especially when they didn’t talk about work. Or when they didn’t talk at all, she thought as she watched Jespersen got up to get another round of champagne for the table.

A couple of minutes before midnight she got a text message:

Nothing of interest here. Status update? - MH

She didn’t even think about her reply as she typed it up, and she pressed Send before she realised that it might be inappropriate.

Tomorrow she would blame the champagne.


Anonymous: If there's more Mycroft do you think that means the return of the ever lovely PA, "Anthea?"

I do hope so!

To be honest, I have been trawling the web for news of Lisa McAllister, the actress who plays her, to see if she’s been linked with the series at all. I’ve come up empty, but she does seem to have been available when they filmed the series this summer - so it’s still a possibility!

Cross all your fingers!


flowers-of-the-blessed: The Good Ship Mythea seems kind of empty... can I join?

Yes, of course! Welcome in. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea.sks


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