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"Why me? Look at you. You could have anybody."

"Be logical. It had to be you."

A spot of Mythea for notyouraveragesecretary, who needed a little company on a lonely ship. 

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my final commision for mystradesexytimes — some fluffy mythea as a gift for the lovely chubcroft. i hope you both like it!!!

Aww, I love Mycroft’s thinking face, and that Anthea completely ignores it!

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Anthea at the Diogenes Club

An extension of this. For Solrosan.

A long, long time ago the first gifset created a wonderful plotbunny and now, finally, it became my first, tentative attempt to write Mythea. I’m just sorry it took such a long time for so little fic.

I hope you enjoy it :)


A footman handed Mycroft Holmes a small note as soon as he walked through the door to the Diogenes Club. The only thing written on it was an A. Mycroft raised his eyebrows in slight amusement. He put the card in his pocket and pointed in the direction of the Stranger’s Room to ask if his guest had been shown there. The footman nodded in confirmation, not even trying to hide his disapproval as Mycroft gave him his coat and went to meet his guest.

His assistant greeted him with a smirk and a raised glass when he opened the door. He rolled his eyes, but wished he could have been here to watch her walk right in without giving a toss about the glares and the goggling.

Since she seemed to have helped herself to a drink already he walked over to the small drink cart and poured himself a whiskey. “You know, my dear, women aren’t usually allowed here.”

“That’s precisely why I’m here, sir.”

Mycroft smiled again, turning around. “And here I was thinking that you’d missed me.”

“And… if I did?”

“Then I shall have to send you to China more often.”

“Well… I definitely didn’t miss you, then,” she said, conclusively, as he sat down in the chair opposite her.

They looked at each other for a moment before they both shook their heads and looked away. Mycroft had no idea what on Earth they were getting themselves into, but he couldn’t keep sending her to East Asia every time things became too intimate.

“So,” Mycroft finally said, “how was China?”

“Hot. Loud. Complete anarchy when it comes to queues.”

Mycroft raised his eyebrows.

“The food was nice.”

“And Mr Zhang…?”

She shook her head, emptying her glass. “I didn’t come here to talk about work, sir.”

“Why did you?”

“Comfortable chairs and the latest periodicals,” she said, raising her empty glass. “And free alcohol.”

Mycroft smiled. “The usual?”

“Yes, please.”

She handed him her glass as he got up and walked over to the drink cart in the corner. He started by refilling his own glass before he put a couple of ice cubes in hers.

“Did you miss me, sir?”

Mycroft hesitated, but kept making her Screwdriver as if he hadn’t heard the question. Perhaps he took a little longer than necessary to stir the drink. Perhaps she noticed.

“And…” he started, holding out the glass to her, “if I did?”

She took the glass, smiling. “Then China was worth it.”

Mycroft raised his glass in a silent toast. He had no idea what on Earth they were getting themselves into, but he was quite keen to figure it out.

Oh my goodness! I love this - it’s perfect! The extension of the dialogue is magnificent and makes the scene so wonderfully rounded. I am having such feelings about them now!



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Oh hello that rarest of things, a Mythea headcanon.

Mycroft/Anthea: Office Politics

For mh-british-government

lord help melisa mcallister

All hail Anthea, queen regent of the office. Mycroft doesn’t have a prayer.


Alone protects me-no sir, that’s my job. » Mythea 

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