Anonymous: Slightly intrigued : Have you sometimes the opportunity to wear a suit, or is it only a platonic love for the time being ? L.M.

Hello L.M.! My love of tailoring is entirely platonic. I have an hourglass figure that does not lend itself well to a masculine shape, so I can usually be spotted in a full-skirted frock. I have a few 50s skirt suits that work well on me, with a nipped in waist and space to accommodate my hips, but that’s the closest I ever get. A while ago I had a boyfriend who wore some amazing vintage tailoring, cufflinks, a pocket watch and, on occasion, a cravat. He always looked amazing, and was that dapper on a very restricted budget (he was an artist - artists don’t make much) - I think that was what fostered my love of suits. Well, that and one Mr Mycroft Holmes.

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So, I have some free time…and that means fanfiction!

Once upon a time, before I started my thesis, I used to consider myself a writer. I really need to get back into the habit. I presently have three unfinished works on my hardrive (and several more unruly plotbunnies) so I would like to canvas opinion was to what I should bother with:

  1. An update of the Copper Beeches. A case fic, with a spot of Johnlock & Mythea if you squint. Features a cameo from Mummy. Currently many thousands of words and a long way off done. Will have to be multi-chaptered.
  2. Story focussing on Pater Holmes. I wanted to write something in which the Holmes father wasn’t a monster, just a very flawed man. Currently stands at 5,000 words, and needs a good deal of work before its finished.
  3. It’s the General Election and Mycroft is trying to avoid work. Sherlock is helping, Anthea is not. Currently little more than a plotbunny clutching a sheaf of notes.

All opinions welcome. I may also be persuaded to write for prompts if you send me something fun and Mycroft-centric.







Jim Moriarty






Molly Hooper.

Guess who counts? GUESS WHO COUNTS? 

This girl right here, she counts, fuck yeah!

Sherlock Holmes.


Mycroft Holmes, clearly.

Anthea. I can live with that.

Want to know something crazy? My weird, rambling theory about Mycroft’s involvement in the Fall just hit 200 notes. Which may not be a lot to most, but really is to me. It’s by far the most read thing on my blog.

This is extremely mad.

Thank you to everyone who believes in my nonsense! I am utterly blown away.


People in suits hold a protest against a planned Abercrombie & Fitch store on Savile Row, London

Not Mycroft-related, but suit-related and London-related, so I’m just putting this here. (Also note: Mr B, the Gentleman Rhymer, front and centre)

It’s things like this that make me a tiny bit sad that I’m too feminine-looking to carry a man’s suit. I have my women’s skirt suits from the 50s, and they are lovely, but there’s nothing quite like a well-tailored suit, particularly a three-piece one. I could spend days in vintage shops, just touching the Harris tweed. Oh my!


200 followers. How do I have 200 followers?

A hearty hello to everyone who has just joined us! I’m very glad to know you. I’m sorry for inflicting all my Mycroft feelings upon you all.