On Mythea…

I love everything about this site! Thank you for indulging my love of mycroft. I was wondering about your opinion of Mycroft/Anthea. I know there isn’t much to go on and any discussion is more imagination than fact but hey what do you think?

Hello, and thank you. I am always happy to indulge all Mycroft-love!

I have such a soft spot for Anthea - you may have noticed! She remains quite the enigma. And who can resist an enigma? I do hope she reappears next series…there’s no guarantee, of course (on the commentary she was referred to as ‘someone from downstairs’ rather than something more immediate like ‘Mycroft’s PA’), but there was a long gap between Anderson’s two appearances (Pink & Reichenbach), so I’ve not given up hope she’ll make a return.

You’re right, there’s next to nothing to go on, apart from the shared immaculateness of their attire and their matching rings (oh, those rings have caused me so much speculation!)…but I will wander into the realms of my headcanon if I’m permitted…

I’m sorry, am I babbling again? I feel like I’m babbling. I think I stopped answering what you asked me about three paragraphs ago. I’ll stop now and leave you with my favourite piece of Mythea fan art:

Supper by Via Estelar