So, um…this happened.

I would like to thank all my followers, old and new, those I talk to and those I don’t. Thank you for putting up with my Mycroft-centric rambling. You are appreciated.

I Believe in Mycroft is One Year Old Today!

A year ago today, in a post-Reichenbach state of shock, I started this blog. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has stuck with me this past year. I’m glad to know you all and you’ve made this year wonderful.


As it’s my anniversary, I thought I’d do a quick (shamelessly self-congratulatory) list of some of my better, or popular, posts from throughout my year here; posts that are, no doubt, the reasons a lot of you found me in the first place. Call it an exercise in indexing.

Essay posts:
Can we Talk About Mycroft Holmes: A Reichenbach Theory

Thirteen Instances of Caring: or, Why Mycroft Holmes is an Amazing Big Brother
The Brothers Holmes: A Canon Consideration

Picture sets:

Noirlock AU: London, 1959 

The Suits of Mycroft Holmes: An Appreciation
The Holmes Ancestral Home
Potterlock: The Aurors
Femlock: Lara Pulver as Sherlock Holmes
Femlock: The Holmes Sisters
Wholock: Mycroft’s Umbrella

Question responses:

It’s To Do With Sex: Mycroft and Relationships

Family is All we Have in the End: Mycroft and Mrs Hudson
I Don’t Even Smoke: Sherlock, Mycroft and Drug Addiction

Once again, a huge thank you to followers both old and new - I’m still in shock that there are so many of you! Here’s to 2013, to series three and to this fandom. Thank you for being my giant Reichenbach Support Group, even if you’re all terrible enablers!

Oh my goodness!

How did all of you find your way here?! Welcome to those of you who have just found me - you are very welcome!

And to followers old and new, thank you so much!



AU: Vintage Sherlock

London, 1959. The grisly murder of an academic puts private eye Sherlock Holmes and his partner, John Watson on the trail of the master criminal known as Jim Moriarty.

Sherlock Holmes
John Watson
Jim Moriarty
Mycroft Holmes
Greg Lestrade
Molly Hooper
‘Anthea’, as the Woman in Black

I like this a whole lot wow

Oh my god. The notes. The notes!

You really are amazing you know. (Course you know you’re a “Holmes”)

Am I? Good heavens, thank you! I would love to be a Holmes - I think the brilliance, self-assurance and cheekbones would far outweigh the loneliness and oddity that are part and parcel of such a state. Do you think it would be possible to arrange for Mycroft to adopt me? How is the fictional character exchange programme these days?

You forgot owner of great wallpaper, wearer of fab clothes.

Hehe, how remiss of me! The wallpaper came with the room, but it is reassuringly dramatic, isn’t it? And, thank you - the dress is one I made…which explains why it’s constantly coming apart at the seams…

good lord, you are gorgeous! And an academic librarian … I might swoon.

My blushes, Jack! I’m trying to be all British and self-deprecating, but I’m grinning like a loon. I love my profession - I know it probably sounds quite dry and dull to most, but it’s the perfect fit for me. I like books, libraries and academia. I’m sure we’re on the same page, you and I.

Anonymous: I just want to tell you that I love your tumblr, really ! Like most students in this period, I suddenly needed to recharge my batteries when I found it. Serendipity indeed. Keep up the good work, I think I will continue to follow you. (Sorry for my probable spelling mistakes, English is not my mother tongue) L.M.

Good heavens! Why anonymous, L.M.? Thank you so much for the lovely compliment (and your English is excellent!)

The response I’ve been getting lately from people who have found and enjoyed my blog has completely blown me away. I’ve been quietly running my little ‘Mycroft is Awesome’ blog since January; I had no idea that it would find an audience. I am so glad that it has! Thank you all for reading my nonsense. I really appreciate it. I really do.