wellingtongoose: I don't know if anyone has asked you this before but can you do a list of suits you would like to see mycroft wearing in season 3?

Oh, there are so many suits I am longing to see Mycroft in, in series three and beyond!

He needs to wear more tweed and country wear, in a similar vein to that brief scene in Scandal in Belgravia. I love that Mycroft is so conscious about the distinction between country and city clothing, even when just relaxing at home. It’s his version of casual clothing!

I would like a scene set at the height of summer, or in a warmer country, with Mycroft in a cream linen suit and a panama hat.

A blue suit, or one in a Prince of Wales check. We’ve only seen Mycroft’s city suits in black and grey. A lovely navy blue would be very pleasing. Although I enjoy the pinstripe number, I would like to see less of it. Mycroft’s a debonair fellow; he needs more variety. Something a little more striking.

I also have this fantasy about Mycroft at Royal Ascot. If they ever adapt Silver Blaze, they could set it there and this would be quite a natural event for Mycroft to get roped into resentfully attending. I can imagine him in the royal box, in his tail coat, playing with his top hat, bored out of his mind.

I also want Mycroft out of his suits - I want to see his braces! I know they’re there, under his waistcoat, but apart from fleeting glimpses of them on set, they’ve yet to be seen. I want attention to be drawn to all the details of Mycroft’s wardrobe!

Other than that, lots of patterned ties, decorative tie-pins and pocket squares worn in exotic folds. More Mycroft the Dandy rather than Mycroft the Bureaucrat.

Oh, now I can’t wait. I want to see what they’re going to dress Mycroft in now!

wellingtongoose: I was just wondering if you have a rec list of Dark!Mycroft fanfic. I love dark Mycroft/all powerful Mycroft. Nothing better to read to fulfil my Mycroft obsession.

I’m all agreement regarding Dark!Mycroft. It’s a delicious flavour of the man; so subtle and graceful in his manipulation, like the slick of a blade being pulled from an umbrella.

I am terrible at keeping track of what I have read and enjoyed, but here are a few from my bookmarks that meet the criteria:

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Sapphy

(however improbable) by SarahT

The World on a String by Primroseshows

The Perfect Suit


Don’t know if you’ve been browsing iplayer but there is this great program for your blog: the perfect suit. I watched it today and thought - dear god Mycroft has taken over BBC 4! I think it’s probably one of the few channels he watches for fun on occasion. 

Link here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b012cnww/The_Perfect_Suit/

Well, if anything deserves the suit porn tag, it’s this. If you’re in the UK and the BBC iplayer is available to you, go and indulge.

Moriarty is Real!

wellingtongoose submitted:

An after-exam stroll through Cambridge to visit my friend at one of the colleges (which will not be named for privacy reasons) yielded this:

Moriarty is real!  

Most colleges have a habit of painting the names of the occupants in every room of a staircase/building on the wall by the entrance and above their doors if there is space. The person who lives next door to Prof. Moriarty’s office is none other than J. Watson! All we really need is an S. Holmes!

According to people who know him Prof. Moriarty is very nice man and a top academic in his field.

I would upload the photo with the names but it has so many names on that it would impossible not to identify the place. 

I would like to point out this Prof. Moriarty and his neighbour Watson are really people with real lives. Please do not compulsively stalk/track them down. This post is just a bit of fun!

So, I’ve been writing…

wellingtongoose prompted me:

Mycroft, Anthea and Her Majesty save the royal Jubilee from (insert your own villian here)

So, may I present to you: The Adventure of the Diamond Jubilee which is almost that. It’s just a bit of fun, and was something of a rush-job to get written in time for the Jubilee weekend, so isn’t as tidy as I would like. Sorry, making excuses because I don’t get to write fiction as much as I would like to any more. Concrit is appreciated - it helps me learn.

On Mythea…

I love everything about this site! Thank you for indulging my love of mycroft. I was wondering about your opinion of Mycroft/Anthea. I know there isn’t much to go on and any discussion is more imagination than fact but hey what do you think?

Hello, and thank you. I am always happy to indulge all Mycroft-love!

I have such a soft spot for Anthea - you may have noticed! She remains quite the enigma. And who can resist an enigma? I do hope she reappears next series…there’s no guarantee, of course (on the commentary she was referred to as ‘someone from downstairs’ rather than something more immediate like ‘Mycroft’s PA’), but there was a long gap between Anderson’s two appearances (Pink & Reichenbach), so I’ve not given up hope she’ll make a return.

You’re right, there’s next to nothing to go on, apart from the shared immaculateness of their attire and their matching rings (oh, those rings have caused me so much speculation!)…but I will wander into the realms of my headcanon if I’m permitted…

I’m sorry, am I babbling again? I feel like I’m babbling. I think I stopped answering what you asked me about three paragraphs ago. I’ll stop now and leave you with my favourite piece of Mythea fan art:

Supper by Via Estelar